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Behold The Wonder of The Volvo Boat (Video)


There are things you generally need when you hop in your car, like your keys and driver’s license. If you’re planning on driving this car, you should also double check that you have an approved flotation device because this Volvo seconds as a boat.

This particular Volvo 240 has been transformed into what its creators are calling the Theonomics Evolvo. It will just as easily drive down a local street as it will cruise on a lake. But obviously it’s been completely modified to be an amphibious vehicle supposedly unlike any other.

A motor sits in the back and there’s a funky contraption on the front that looks a lot like a cow catcher that turns the hood into more of a prow. To keep it from leaking like a sieve, the doors are no longer doors and entry is instead through the wide open roof. You could probably go all Bo and Luke Duke and slide in through the side windows, too. On its maiden voyage, the little Volvo does an impressive job.

It drives right into the water, floats around and appears to be easily piloted before driving right back up the boat ramp onto shore. All three occupants exit without being waterlogged and there’s even champagne, because every boat launch needs champagne.