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Volvo Plus Toyota Equals One Awesome Truck(Photo )


Creating a unique, custom car can be hard work. Add the wrong parts, and you’ll end up with a truly custom problem. We won’t begin to speculate on this ute’s reliability, but with a Volvo Amazon and mid-‘80s Toyota pickup truck as starting points…the formula looks pretty darn hardy. This “Volvota” SUV (or “Toyolvo,” whichever you prefer) recently surfaced on eBay, and one thing is for sure.

It’s quite the head turner. So, which bits went where? According to the listing, the Volvo donates only its body to the Frankenstein creation, and it’s a good body at that. The elegant curves of a 1968 122S wagon. The rest comes courtesy of a 1984 Toyota pickup truck, which donates its frame, suspension, engine, and the remainder of its running gear…though despite those mechanicals, it’s still noted to be registered as a Volvo

Hiding well beneath the hood, in part due to the tricky Toyota-to-Volvo body swap, lies a legendary Toyota 22R engine. While not powerful, these little 2.4-liter four-cylinders have been known to put up with lifetimes of abuse. This carbureted version reportedly shows 140,000 miles and backs up to a Toyota five-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive transfer case. Further below the engine is the Volvota’s solid front axle, a design which endured for only one year beyond this truck in the US before being replaced with A-arms in 1986.

Inside, the Volvota interior is what you might call “spartan.” The Volvo seats and door cards remain in place but the rest of the upholstery looks to have been gutted during the transformation process. In any case, that makes it one step closer to becoming a trail rig, and it begs the question. Is this the type of thing you keep on the street, or does it deserve to hit the trails?