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Volvo XC40 R-Design AWD test | In snow, sand, ice and wet grass!


For this Volvo XC40 AWD test we just wanted to see how it reacted under slippery condition. The car was equipped with regular summer tire and under the snow, there was a thin layer of ice that once compacted made the surface slippery! The transmission also constantly changed gears even when fixed in manual mode so we always lose momentum…

The arrival of the XC40 means that for the first time in its history, Volvo Cars has three new, globally available SUVs in what is the fastest growing segment of the automotive market! Depending on where you live, you can for a FWD Volvo XC40 or an AWD one!
Volvo’s research into and testing of AWD systems goes back more than 20 years. The first AWD Volvo car to go into serial production was the Volvo 850 Estate, launched in May 1996! Advances in AWD technology mean that improved handling, stability and traction continue to provide a confident, agile and enjoyable driving experience while reducing fuel consumption.