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Photo/ These Volvos gave their lives to save these people


“So, I went on a bus trip with a high school team during October. We left after the tournament on Saturday evening and travelled overnight…got in about 5 in the morning. I am not a very good sleeper on a bus/plane etc but tried. I had to make another 8 hour trip the next day with my brother in law and thought I would be okay. He was ready to go so off we went about 6AM. First 5 hours were fine, then we went through a mountain pass and he was dozing off…and I began to feel a little tired. Well, guess I fell asleep, and we did not make a turn so the car went off the road, down a 25ft hill, flipped over and came to rest upside down.

I awoke with somebody at the door trying to get me out as I was hanging from my seatbelt..as was my brother in law. I managed to slither out the door and the ambulance came and took me and my brother in law to a hospital about 30 miles away. Unfortunately, my brother in law had some broken vertebrae in the neck and spent 3 months in the hospital. I was lucky and had only 38 stitches to help put my ear and ear lobe, in place. The police came to the hospital and were amazed at how I was doing. They told me I was very lucky to be in a Volvo as most cars would have crumpled. He said he and his wife were thinking about a Volvo…and now they were definitely going to get one!”

“After a very strenuous international travel and a disturbed night’s sleep, I made the mistake of driving alone to our mine in the Appalachian Mountain area. About 35 miles from the city limits, in the middle of a place with no habitations close by, I fell asleep at the wheel and crashed my XC90 off the mountain road into a tree!!

My judgment is that I must have been at least 55 MPH. The vehicle was totaled, however, I came out without a scratch, thanks to the Volvo’s safety run off road protection. The Volvo on call immediately took the information and the first responders were on site within the shortest time possible. The Volvo Safety systems saved my life.”