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Story By Fans:These Volvos gave their lives to save these people…(Photo)


“I want to thank you for building a car that saved my life. I was hit head on …by a 6 time DUI driver without insurance and a license. Even though I have some medical issues, I am here to talk about it. The top was even down and the pick up that hit me did not go over the hood. I am very fortunate. I am a life long fan of Volvo and the C70. Thank you again.”

“I was fortunate enough as a child to had grown up in a household that drove Volvos (740 & 960). When I became a parent myself, I bought a 1998 Volvo S70 primarily due to Volvos safety reputation. On the night of 12/27/2015, I was involved in a near head on collision with a Jeep Grand Cherokee in Eagle River, Alaska. The oncoming vehicle tried making a last second left hand turn in front of me, just giving me enough time to hit him broadside. The impact was over 65+ mph and totaled both vehicles.

I was out of my car and walking within a few minutes, while other vehicle needed fire department using Jaws of Life to remove occupants. Combination of seat belt, airbag and Volvos well known crumble zone all played a role in saving my life. Even the fire department commented that “I was driving the right vehicle” and “if I was driving an older steel vehicle…the outcome would have been different”. I’m thankful to be alive and walking! Having the ability to walk away from this accident made me feel like I cheated death and that I was given a second chance in life. I feel that a Volvo most definitely saved my life! Able to walk away in AK!!!”

“I was on my way home from a friend’s birthday party, to stop by my house to get ready to go to another friend’s birthday party. I was going down the road traveling 35mph when a 1990’s Jeep Cherokee pulled out in front of me from a drive-in theatre, not more than 10 feet away. I had NO chance of stopping and T-boned him – the collision pushed his vehicle more than 20 feet from our initial impact. My front end was demolished …and the driver airbag went off with no cabin intrusion what so ever.

I walked out of the car myself, all the doors opened perfectly and I suffered only a few scratches and a minor sprained wrist. The paramedics and fire fighters were surprised with how the well car held up for its age and stated that if I were in any other vehicle but a Volvo, I most certainly could have been killed or seriously injured. I owe my life to this brand.”