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What Volvo Car Should You Drive Based on Your Horoscope?


Aries. Aries people primarily appreciate speed and cannot imagine their life without it. The Aries among us are best suited for a sports car in a bright color, such as a red Volvo S60, although other sports cars should definitely appeal to their sensibilities too.

Taurus. Taurus people especially appreciate the comfort and spaciousness in cars. If you’re a Taurus, Volvo cars are the best choice for you because they are considered the most reliable in the world. A Taurus should also consider a V60 Wagon to fit their big family.

Gemini. Gemini signs appreciate cars with sound and acoustics and are willing to invest a lot of money in sound systems. Interestingly, though, the main characteristic of a Gemini is duality, and so they tend to frequently change their car because they value novelty.

Choosing the right car for this zodiac sign is not easy, but if the car has a high-definition sound system, then it’s a safe bet that it will work for them… at least for a little bit. We suggest a XC90 with the optional 19-speaker/1,400-watt Bowers & Wilkins system.

Cancer. Cancers love cars in retro style, but sports cars hold virtually no interest to them. The main qualities that Cancers look for are safety, solid build quality and appearance. Given that Cancers are loyal, they will often choose domestic cars for themselves. A 1972 Volvo 1800ES would be perfect for them.

Leo. Above anything else, Leos value the most presentable and popular brand. Their ultimate dream car is a long, gleaming chrome and luxury Polestar. Leos may opt to treat their car like a toy, and as such, they are likely to trick it out.

Virgo. Virgo signs are very practical in choice of car, and they especially appreciate the environmentally friendly, compact and ergonomic options. Virgos should go with a C30 Volvo that can be parked in any corner, will consume minimum fuel, and may even have the ability to use alternative power sources.

Libra. Libra signs are the worst customers for managers because they are extremely choosy. In addition to a rigorous external evaluation of the vehicle, Leos are not too lazy to check all the seams on the inside of the car and will take a long and

thoughtful look under the hood to make sure that the car is reliable and safe. Libras tend to think carefully about their decisions, so they are best suited for a XC40.

Scorpio. The passion for extreme speed is in the blood of Scorpio signs. Scorpio signs are constantly testing their cars for strength and endurance. The best option for Scorpio signs is the fastest of Volvos the S60 Polestar.

Sagittarius. For a Sagittarius, there is great importance in choosing a car based on size and certainly prestige.

When the car brand is unpopular, Sagittarius signs will not even look at it, no matter how large and comfortable it is. The best choice for this sign is the Volvo S90.

Capricorn. Capricorns are not inclined to frequently change cars and prefer to make just one purchase that lasts a lifetime. The most important characteristics of the car suited for this zodiac sign are reliability, excellent performance,

the availability of spare parts, and repair rate. The vehicle for a Capricorn should be able to overcome any obstacles and ride both on the road and off-road. Thus, the best car for a Capricorn is the XC60.

Aquarius. Aquarius people truly do not need a car, because they have other forms of transportation in their blood. A bike allows the Aquarius to feel full freedom of movement,

no traffic jams, and experience the wind in full force. However, if you still need to be an Aquarius with a car, it is best to approach the dilemma with a convertible such as a C70.

Pisces. Pisces signs love to keep things simple, and they tend to avoid extravagant cars. The extra bells and whistles are irrelevant to a Pisces, but what is important is super speed and a powerful engine. For those reasons, Pisces signs tend to be satisfied with middle-class machines – nothing too special. We suggest a Volvo V40 for them.